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eLAT is an amazing eLearning authoring tool that helps you create amazing eLearning experience online. From desktop to tablets and mobiles, eLAT eLearning software works on all kinds of devices and platforms. eLAT is an all-in-one eLearning tool that has everything you need to develop awesome eLearning courses.

eLAt - ipad
Question Components
Assess learners with Knowledge
checks and assessments
Add amazing backgrounds to your
eLAT - monitoreLAT - arrow
Progress Indicator (PLP)
Helps learners determine
the course progress
Use interactive components types

Use all the available components
to build a interactive course

eLAt - mobileeLAT - arrow
Brings extensions in a drawer with
your eLearning courses like
Glossary, Resources, Search, etc
Interactive content on Mobiles
Build your courses with interactions that
even work on mobile phones
eLAT - sliderMobile
Mobile View

Course supports both Landscape as well as portrait view on mobile devices

WHY CHOOSE eLAT – eLearning Authoring Tool?

eLAT – eLearning Authoring Tool is designed to work the way you want. eLAT comes with a bundle of handy features which are never seen before in an eLearning tool. Here are some exclusive features of eLAT –

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Powerful Features of eLAT

eLAT is continuously evolving. New, more powerful features are being released every month to make the eLearning environment simpler than ever.


eLAT provides out of the box themes and different course menu options using which the author can build courses based on the required branding and navigation.

eLAT - theme
  • Default theme with eLAT color pallete

  • Color Palette with Yellow, Black and Grey Colors

  • Color Palette with Red and Brown

  • Color Palette with Orange and Brown

  • Color Palette with Pink, Baby Pink

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eLAT provides a wide range of menus to choose from with multiple Menu lock types – Sequential, Lock Last, Unlock First, making it easier for you to manage your eLearning course by presenting content and testing learners’ knowledge.

Question Types include Side Menu, Background Menu (Menu with a custom background image), Elastic Menu, Flip Menu, Box Menu and much more.
eLAT - menu

eLAT provides a wide range of extensions for enhancing the learning experience and tracking.

The extension includes Trickle, Assessment, Page Level Progress, Bookmarking, Glossary, Search, Audio, BlockSlider, and many more
eLAT - extensions

eLAT provides a wide range of components for presenting content and testing learners’ knowledge which is key to any eLearning course.

Presentation components consist of both static and interactive types with extensive learning styles and content types. Interactions include interactive videos, tabbed activities, flip cards, accordion, carousels, text-image, and much more.

Question components include trackable branched videos, multiple choice, fill in the blanks, drag and drop, sliders, matching (drop down), and much more.

eLAT - components


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